Sickness is Hell!! Especially when my writing gets effected!!

Ok so I am dramatizing the sickness. I have had some headache’s, my sinuses acting up and just sore all over. I began running after years of not being able to due to my knee injury. If felt good!! Of course my body has been really sore and as I said before I have been under the weather.

In stating the above, I would like to apologize that I will not be able to upload the preview for chapter II of Shadow Voices. I am currently editing it so it will take me awhile. Hopefully before Tuesday I will upload the preview. If not I will try to upload it next week like regular. Next week I will try to upload Chapter III and Chapter IV not sure yet. I don’t want to build so much pressure on myself to get it done that I will do a crappy job.

Again I do apologize for not being able to upload Chapter III I will try to post it as soon as possible.

Oh yea, I do want to mention that it seems like I am working on a second story.. I really don’t want to say what it is about or when I will post that one… It is too knew right now for me to say if I want to put it up at all. This one isn’t as… um… gory like Shadow Voices but of course I still don’t know which genre if any I want to focus on specifically. I’ve heard a lot of advice from blogs I read that you should write what I know.. Every time I try to do that, it seems that my mind goes blank. Well lets see what happens shall we?

Until next time!!

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