Wattpad Review as a reader

As you know I am writing a story and I have decided to publish it on a free website called http://www.wattpad.com, this website you can either be the writer or the reader and vote and share your thoughts with the author. I can say that as a reader I love this website!! There is even an app for your IPad, IPad mini and your IPhone. I do not know if it has app’s for the android phones. Once you download the story you want to read you don’t need to be connected to the internet. You can read the story, once you have read the story you are on wifi or data plan you can comment, rate and vote the story. I love reading books and I know I am old fashion and prefer the actual paperback books. I can frankly say this app has made me appreciate the ebooks now. I am able to read books at anytime without the bulky weight that most books have.

Wattpad all I can say is that I love it. It is letting me see that there are so many different good authors that write amazing stories that should be out in the world. If you don’t mind reading an author that is publishing their stories for free then follow them on wattpad. I promise you that they are amazing stories you are not going to regret signing up.

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