A child’s grief (idea for a story)

Ok so here is a very shirt idea I have had for a short story. Of course this is and idea a am playing with, once I am done I will have to choose which idea I am going to use as a story.. Here is a preview of what it might be, enjoy!!

Jumping out of my mothers arm I run screaming “NO!” towards the back door of our apartment. Looking in horror through the back door I see our fence on the ground. Our back yard exposed to the street. “Coqueta!” I scream at the top of my lungs. “Get in here!” my mother screams at me. “Coqueta!” I kept screaming ignoring her call. I dash through the small 6 by 8 yard we have trying to see if I can find my black and white 3 month old dog. I felt my mother trying to grab my arm in order for me to stop my hysterical look for my beloved dog. “Stop it, come inside” She said more roughly. “No, I need to find her mom, don’t you understand!” I turned to her and what I see in her eyes makes me crumble in defeat. I let a howl and leap into her arms knowing that I wouldn’t ever see my 2 month old dog again.

Taking me into the apartment she slowly lays me on her bed. “Stay here ok, I’ll bring you some water” she whispers softly. Giving me a loving kiss on the forehead she leaves the room. All I could do is stare at the ceiling and cry, my mind is blank, my heart doesn’t feel like its beating, and my body feels exhausted as if I just finished running a marathon. I hear my mothers voice talking softly, I know she had called my father to let him know what had happen. “No no, you don’t need to come. I’ll talk to her. You know the neighborhood no one is going to say they saw anything.” I closed my eyes not wanting to hear the rest of her one sided conversation. “Ok, ok I will see, Love you”

My mother handed me a glass of water. “Drink this honey, it might help calm you down.” “OK mom” I slowly sat up in bed and drank slowly. “Mom do you think we will ever find her?” “I don’t know honey, I told your dad and he said we will try to look for her. Just don’t get your hopes up.” I know she was trying to comfort me as best she could but at that moment I couldn’t been comforted. All I wanted to do is close my eyes and then open them and hear Coqueta outside waiting for me to go out and play with her.

I stretched out on the bed looking at the ceiling crying thinking about my dog. She was only 3 months and we only had her for a month. The one month was so memorable because she just was a full ball of energy licking and chasing me everywhere. My parents named her Coqueta because her tail was curled and when she walked her hips and tail will swish side to side. Coqueta you know flirt. When I use to go outside and sit on the one of the stair she would curl up beside me and sleep there until I got up. When I was crying she would want to climb on me and lick my tears away.

Sighing deeply renewed tears fell off my face. My first responsibility that I actually enjoyed doing. Who would have thought a 6 year old would love picking up after a dog.. She was my friend the one that held my secrets that only 6 year old can have. I felt my body start to shake again and I rolled into the fetal position. Slowly everything just starting to fade and my body started to relax. Coqueta I love you was my last thought.

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