Ramadan 2014

Well I know you were looking forward to new chapters… Sorry thats another post entirely!

For my religious belief I have a holy month that is coming up. It’s called Ramadan! I know a lot of you probably have heard about and all that talk or writing you have seen.

This post will not be “educating” you on Ramadan. Why you ask? Because I used to do that in my old post and I got a lot of negative comments. So in order for me not to get that I prefer to talk about how this Ramadan will be different from the 4 Ramadan that I have celebrated with my hubby!

We haven’t really don’t have any “traditional” things that we do for Ramadan other then Dates when we break our fast. So this Ramadan I am planning on decorating the house. I will be drawing some Allah (SWT) signs to hang up on the windows and Ramadan Mubarak. I will also have some Eid Mubarak signs ready also. From there I have been trying to cook food and freeze so we have for Ramadan.

But since we have opted out on eating out we have slowly been lowering our stock lol. Its okay though because every paycheck I am buying something in bulk in order to freeze. At least we have saved some money from eating out lol.

From the signs on the window I am also trying to cook not only Pakistani food, but I am also trying to cook hispanic food. Hopefully it works for me lol.

This Ramadan we are planning to invite friends over to break our fast. So hopefully thats a success.

Well thats all for today. Now that my break is over I need to go and start making the dough to make some parathas.

Until Next Time,

5 thoughts on “Ramadan 2014

    1. Aloo Pakoras I wish I could make those!! I have to wait until we visit my in-laws to have that. I will be cooking Nahari, Khata ghusl, briyani, chana masal, paulka sag, keema rolled into egg rolls, parathas, butter chicken, and a few more lol… I didn’t realize that I actually know how to make these now lol.. But yeah these are the meals I am planning on cooking or else it wouldn’t be Ramadan for hubby nor me lol.


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