Review – icloud: Word app

Okay I know I have been on here lately with a lot of post. I have a sort of a “writers block” going on. I am editing furiously on Shadow Voices but it is hard when you keep deleting and adding scenes lol…

Maybe writing different post on here will help me organize my thoughts better…

Any who, I don’t have a typically computer. What I do have is a mini iPad which I do love. I have EVERYTHING on here. To writing, reading, emailing and finance’s. Of course it is only wifi but I am extremely happy with. A few post ago I had asked about an app that I could use to write my stories. One that can do a word count and that I can edit. Basically a word app.

I looked at all word apps and non really caught my attention. I read a bit more about icloud (its free anyways). It is through my google drive, dropbox, etc. Since most of my stories are on dropbox and I can’t edit them on my ipad then I thought this would be good. Which actually it worked!! I didn’t have to download and save my documents over and over again.

Next I started looking for an app that would let me track my changes and help me further edit my stories. Well DING DING DING!! We got ourselves a winner. the icloud lets me purchase the word app to use all tools on it for a minimum amount of 3.99 a month. Beats the actual word app that are stand alone.

Talking to hubby I made a compromise. I unsubscribed to all of my monthly ipad subscription magazines that I didn’t read anymore. The were more expensive plus not reading them constantly was a good deal to me.

Now I am happy! I can write and edit and create multiple writing “arts” lol. I do have to download the document onto my usb drive I need to use a regular laptop connection. For that I have hubbies work laptop. 🙂

All said and done, I can say this is one of the best investments that I have done since I started writing (besides Wattpad of course). So if you are in a situation as I or just need a good worth while app thats cheap I say go for the icloud app and pay the 3.99 subscription to get the word all access tools app.

Until Next Time,

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