When do you know when to stop

Okay well I know I tried to set a timeline on when I was going to finish Shadow Voices… Either 1. the story just refuses to end or 2. I’m just so hung up on it that I am a bit fearful of ending it…

I know I have to edit and give it to someone to check it out for me. I just seem to always find new parts in to which I need to add or delete lines… I’m not saying I don’t ever want this process to end but I didn’t realize that this step is so hard!

I don’t do any outlines, or brainstorm my story before I write it. I am more of a free flow type of gal…

So basically my question to you all is… When do you find an ending? When can you truly say its done, the characters of the story had their run and its time to put them to rest…

Any advice is welcomed.

Until Next time,

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