Peace and quiet, thats all I asked! (Rant)

Since moving here I thought I was going to get a nice area and a quiet neighborhood. Why is it that every day all day I hear sawing, construction type of noises. We don’t live in a place where there are new buildings or anything.

Well today I got my writing flow… I can say this that I love it when I can write non-stop. It feels good! I just hate the fact that I hear all this noise in the background. With the heat (since we don’t have ac), I have the fan going, the tv for background noise and now the damn construction noises!

Well I love the place we live and the only thing I would want is some peace and quiet in order for my headache to go away!! Well I guess I’m not going to have that…

Time to just relax drink water, eat my soup and just try to keep letting my flow come and write the words that are pounding in my head to come out.

Until Next Time,

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