Guatemala – Earthquake

I know this is not my usual. I just heard from my relatives in Guatemala that there was a huge earthquake about 6.9. Caused a lot of buildings structure damage. There are no major injuries or death reported yet.

I praise Allah (SWT) that there were no casualties, only property damages. Currently they are without any lights and help is on its way to give them fresh water and necessities.

Insha’Allah they get help from surrounding countries. I’ve noticed not a lot of online comments or posting about it. How sad that when other “famous” or “political” 3rd world countries are in trouble it seems like the US makes a media frenzy about it. When it is a country that everyone confuses as “Oh its a part of Mexico” or has no true “value” for USA nothing is being said (online media, I don’t have cable).

My prayers go out to my homeland, I have you in my heart always.

Now I need to see how I can send care packages to families there.

Until Next Time,

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