ICloud App – Rant (Very Frustrated!)

Okay so I know a couple of days if not week I spoke about how I found this GREAT app in order for me to continue writing my story. Well I do still like it the only thing is that today out of all days!

IT DOESN’T WANT TO WORK! All morning I have been trying to get it to load up then when it finally does I only get two hours of actual editing done when it freezes on me! I know app’s aren’t perfect but I really want’ed to finish editing it today so I can publish the chapters not only on here but also on Wattpad.

I mean, I can still work on it through hubbies computer tonight but when he comes home editing is done and all I do is upload so like that we only have our time together.

Now I might just upload chapter 4 since it is already done and wait until tomorrow night or weekend to finish and upload chapter 5.

I know I said I wanted it all done by COB today so I can post. Sorry doubt it is going to happen now. At least hopefully I’ll get chapter 4 on here and wattpad.

Until Next Time,

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