My constant Enemy!

How can I put this…. I HATE THE INTERNET AND TECHNOLOGY!! I swear there is a conspiracy about this!! If its not one its the other that isn’t working… Their response BUY, BUY, BUY!!

Yes I know, I use it for many things: writing, mapping, researching, and other type of useful uses in my daily life. For the most part we are compatible and get along fairly well.

I have always hated technology because I have always stated that “It hates me” in returned. Every single laptop that I have owned has stopped functioning after 2 years or LESS of use. I use to change my phones every 6 months (okay this one is me… I was addicted to buying the latest and badass phone lol).

My husband on the other hand LOVES and I mean LOVES technology. He is and his family introduced me Apple products. I can say they are a bit more user friendly and I have kept my iphone for 1 year without throwing it across the room because it hanged up on me in the middle of a conversation.

The iPad mini he bought me also has been great to me. I finally found apps that I could write my stories, can I count my words no, can I go and just start a doc out of nowhere no.. I need an app to do all of things things and pay for it.. Which I can understand the companies need to get there money right? Being in the military and a Juarez baby I know that NOTHING IS FOR FREE.

The problem right now is that my iphone says it cannot give me the software update because the mb (or whatever it is!) is to it’s max so it doesn’t have room. My iPad mini states the same. So what is the solution they want to give me… Buy storage from icloud so I can still use all the apps and be able to back up my phone..

My solution…. prioritized my apps and deleted the ones that I don’t use or need a back up one. Even my photos my husband was able to link my phone in order for them to go to my dropbox account. But then my dropbox is saying I’m nearing my “free” limit space they give me!!

So my solution to that is: need to buy a Mac ( cause teckie junkie of a husband says we will be apple products consumers… ya :/ ) in order to download all of our photos and documents into our external hard drive we bought when we first got married.

Apple people, here is an advice that this non-teckie junkie will give…


Okay I know I went on a rampage on apple technology or software (whatever it is, thats why I’m not a teckie junkie!), but my internet is also a HUGE a@@ problem! I finally get my inspiration to write and edit more of my Shadow Voices and when I try to save my work it can’t… WHY!!

“BECAUSE INTERNET CONNECTION IS TOO SLOW, MIGHT BE EXPERIENCING SLOW CONNECTION!!” Are you kidding me!! This has happened 3 okay Ill say it again…

THIS HAS HAPPENED TO ME 3 TIMES! I am done! Next time I start a story I will be doing it the old fashion way! Is my hand going to cramp up, will I have to buy a bucket full of pens, pencils and paper.. YES YES AND YES! But at least I will not have TECHNOLOGY SLOWING ME DOWN OR NOT SAVING MY WORK!!!

Until Next Time,

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