Religion and Science, can they co-exist

This is a question I have always had and finally it has been answered.. Not directly from a person but of what I have read through out the years and people that I met.

When I was a child I use to follow the Catholic religion. Well in the “community” where I practice this religion they didn’t believe that science was not in any way related to faith or a religion. For many years I truly believed that because that is what my church followed and believed in.

I lost my faith and religion ( I truly believe faith in God and religion is two different things but that is for another post) as a teenager. For awhile it didn’t matter that I still had that question that all my life I have been told that we didn’t believe science and religion went in some way together.

I finally found my faith again and slowly I started to research different types of religion’s. I tried Christianity, spirituality type of religion’s and yes I even went with some Wicca to see if any clicked. None did.

Finally I found a religion that “spoke” to me and my faith seemed to crave to study that religion and practice it. Of course that religion was Islam, the more I study the Quran and asked questions it seemed to fill that empty hole I had.

All of the studying and questions that I asked I finally received an answer. Islam believes that science can explain the miracles that God gives us all. In the Quran it talks about evolution, astronomy and yes even about giving birth. In Islam science doesn’t state that God is not true, it actually explains in terms that we can understand as to how these beautiful miracles can happen.

Having some friends that are in the “science” field and relatives also I can see how science and religion do exist and can “co-habitat” if you will with each other. Some of these scientist actually it seems to me that have a deeper understanding and have a more profound acceptance of their faith and religion.

What do you think? Do you believe that science and religion can co-exist? Have you even had a question similar to this and have you ever voiced it out loud? What was everyone else’s response?

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3 thoughts on “Religion and Science, can they co-exist

  1. More than co-existing, in many ways I think they are two sides of the same coin.

    But I also see two different types of both science and religion. There are the genuine practices, and then there are the organized or institutionalized types.

    Religion in practice, I see as living in a transformed manner, meaning, being deeply concerned with the issues in the world and responding with love and compassion. Of course, I could far deeper into the practice of religion, perhaps another time.

    Science is a practice of investigation to find something out. For example, science begins with wondering “why is a leaf green” and then conducting experiments to discover what happens that causes the leaf to be green.

    The organized and institutionalized forms of science and religion are usually more about having an agenda. Rather than remaining in a place of love, wonder, questioning and curiosity (aspects I consider vital to both true religion and true science) they have a need for others to conform to some preaching or teaching. They have a need for others to be under their authority (or perhaps, proxy authority under the name of “God”).

    Can they co-exist? It depends. Are we talking about religion and science as something true, beyond conception or symbolic idea? If so, I think they lose their distinctions and we simply see people truly living.

    Or, are we talking about science and religion as being separately organized ideas, and if so, I would say as organized ideas they are in conflict.


    1. Thank you for this comment, I can only speak how my own understanding not by how the “general” population would.
      For ex: a woman being pregnant, in a religion belief it is a gift from God and if it wasn’t for his will a child would not be able to grow into our bodies or have a soul. From a scientific form we are able to understand the process and break down the woman’s body to explain pregnancy and birth. It doesn’t talk about the soul it just plainly explains the facts of the human body and how it works.
      Of course this is just a very raw form of conclusion in order for me to understand this. If truly they do conflict or you start putting the “labels” of a religion or scientific communities would then I wouldn’t be able to explain and understand it. Thats one of the reasons why I don’t follow a “congregation” of any sort. I just read my Quran and ask questions, in the end I come to a conclusion which I hope that Allah (SWT) can accept and forgive for.

      Sorry if my response is very “childish” or not explaining very throughly as yours but I just put my own thoughts and feelings and have stopped looking at the “society lables”, this is the only way that I have found to have not only my faith restored but being able to practice and believe in a religion.


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