Writing Silence Aug 21 – Aug 25

I know usually I do not put on here when I am leaving or not going to be active at all. I truly want to change that. I am doing my best to always post something at least once a week and upload new chapters from Shadow Voices every weekend.

As I have said before a couple of days ago I asked for prayers for a family member. Their surgery is friday and my husband and I are planning on going to be there for them. This could change of course depending on the wishes of my husband’s relative.

For now I am planning on not writing anything for the rest of the day. As you can read from the title I do not plan on coming back until the 26th. I will still try to keep reading your blogs and if I get any comments then I will do my best to respond. If not then you know why.

Thank you all for your continued support regardless if you are a commenter or not. You let me into your home every chance you honor me on reading one of my post.

As you noticed I uploaded two chapters that I owed you all from last week. If I post anything else today it will be another edited chapter of Shadow Voices if I finish in time and if hubby brings his work laptop.

Until Next Time,

Comments, Questions, Opinions are always welcome, just keep it clean and respectful please.

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