A Badge of HONOR that has been forgotten, except for a few.

What do you define as being a Homemaker? Is it a woman that has no educational background, job skill or is just lazy because she wants a man to take care of her? Few of these labels are put or “define” for many what a Homemaker or Housewife is.

In our grandparents or great-grandparents age to be a homemaker / housewife was a badge of honor, it was not only to be expected but women classified each other and envied each other. It was a form of competition to see who could take care of her family better then her neighbor.

Through out the years woman have become “liberated” and joined the workforce. Now you have household where in most part both spouses are needed to work to just pay the bills. The era of having that badge of honor to have the pride and be able to say that you are home 24/7 taking care of your family is lost.

Woman see staying at home as a badge of laziness, not being educated, wanting to have a man take care of them. These woman are now considered to be no good to society because they are just “there” with no real aspirations for life.

My mother is a housewife, yes she has no educational background, her staying at home was expected by her, my father and at the times when they were younger. This decision though wasn’t only my fathers it was my mothers too. She loved taking care of her family.

This illiterate woman managed to not only successfully raise three daughters but she also managed to learn how to speak English help her daughters with not only elementary, middle and high school work. Believe it or not this woman helped her three daughters with the college coursework. this woman managed to learn French for her eldest, German (dutch) for her second and she tried her best to learn Japanese for her youngest.

Not only was this woman able to educate and help her daughters in their academic careers but she also helped her husband. How do you say? By being his rock when he needed something to lean on. To help invest money and save money when needed. She learned how to become a taylor when her husband bought a tailoring business. She learned how to count money, answer phones, learned to drive, and negotiate prices when needed.

A homemaker / housewife is always taken for granted. Her job never ends and her salary is the lowest one documented anywhere in the world. Instead of looking at that badge full of cobwebs in a way of disgust or having no value, look at that badge with respect.

If you are the few that where it be proud, hold your head high. No one but us know the true meaning of multitasking (with or without children), no on can understand that we are on call 24/7.

We are Human Resources, customer service, complaint department, accountant, purchaser, warehouseman, logistical planner, event coordinator, life coach and many more that many of the work force are responsible for only one.

Our job skills surpass any that could challenge us. We might not make a difference to a Fortune 500 company or make multi-million dollars deals. We are not the ones that you will hear complaining about our co-workers, we chose not to give our resignation because our job isn’t about money, benefits (don’t get me wrong those are important in our everyday lives), or having aspirations to be a CEO.

Our Title shouldn’t be “homemaker / housewife” it should be CEO/CFO, executive chief of your family household. While everyone else it taking care that the world economically turning, we are in the front lines of our homes making sure that our families are refreshed and ready to keep the cycle going

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