This Man – Poetry

How is it that I feel so confused. I have just met him and already I have given him a place into my heart that some have tried to have. These mixture of feelings of love, joy and fear are rare for me. How can one man THIS man give me these feelings that I have successfully put into this locked iron chest in my heart. I vowed never to let anyone let alone a man stir these emotions again.

I push him away only knowing that these foreign feelings could only hurt me in the end, yet somehow he has hypnotized me to his spell and I pull closer to him. I yearn to be near him, my heart aches and beats faster to keep these new found feelings alive. He has broken my lock and now I can only hope that I can and will surpass the pain that will most likely come.

My heart has betrayed me and now I am at the mercy of his love and will. How I have become dependent on his love and attention. He is my master and I his willingly slave, God save me if one day this man takes it all away I will become and empty shell that has no purpose or will to live.

First written 2009 / final draft 2014

Until Next Time,

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