Hubbies suggestion…. hmm….

So my hubby is so proud of me having this blog that he LOVES telling people about it (not only that I am a house wife) lol. I really am glad though that he doesn’t have my blog address memorized because he might give it to them lol.

Well one of his co-workers actually told him that his wife used to do that when she stayed at home. His co-worker also told him that after awhile she started to get jobs as a freelancer writer… So my hubby got really excited and when he came home told me about it.

He really loves that I am writing and he sees that I love writing on here too. He actually told me that it might be something that I should look into. Well I can’t say that earning some extra cash doing something I love really gets me excited. I mean I loved my career in the military and civilian life and if I wouldn’t be married to my husband most likely I would still be working and I wouldn’t be on here.

Don’t get me wrong I love being a housewife, it is one more challenge that I have in my life and I will make sure that I succeed. But if there could be a chance that I might get paid…hmm….not a bad deal right ? lol

I can say just like I told my hubby that this is a great idea but right now I just want to focus on my writing and see if I finally finish my Shadow Voices book. After that who knows… I might have to think about it… I really doubt it though since I have no degree (of any kind) or working writing experience. I doubt anyone would accept my blog as part of my “working” experience.

So I guess for now I will keep my blog and my writing free lol, maybe one day I will think about it. I love Translating but again I don’t have any formal educational or on the job experience.

I love the fact that my husband is proud of my writing and who knows what the future holds…

Until Next Time,

2 thoughts on “Hubbies suggestion…. hmm….

  1. That is so great that your husband is proud of you! And yes, taking care of a family is the hardest and most fulfilling job there is. But I will tell you that your writing experience through blogging, and your other writing experience, as well as your translating are ALL valuable skills that would be taken seriously by many freelance positions. Something to look into. I have seen some publications looking for part time people to submit work and for part time, and you do not need formal education. I think you would be an asset to many with all of your skills. Continue to think about it.


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