An amazing walk with beautiful views.

Here are a few pictures that I took for my walk this morning.

Love the beautiful humming bird, that’s some good luck!




Here are the beautiful ocean views at the end of my walk. On that side beach they say there are caves you can walk in and explore. But it has to be done in low tide. So hubby and I are thinking of trying it out… We just got to make sure that we get the times for low and high tide right.



Here is a rock that is just


standing in the middle of the water at least for this part are two huge rocks. Amazing that the middle part when the water is receding in the middle you can see that it is one huge rock and not two that are side by side.


So far these are the amazing pictures that I took. So much more to see but that will wait for later. I hope you all enjoy the photos.

Until Next Time,

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