Dana Point the beginning..

The first week being in the Dana Point Marina Inn I can say was bittersweet. It’s not the location, it was more of me taking two days to get everything we need for the month.

Why do you ask, that it took me two days to bring the luggage and everything we need for a whole month to the hotel. Well let me tell you, I forgot my husbands CPAP for one. Then the first day we didn’t know what type of room we were going to have. Yes the general manager was so kind to show me two rooms for me to choose from, since we are staying a whole month here. The first room had a whole view of the harbor. The problem, it was a room that was to small. The frig was the type you have in a dorm or barracks room.

When I saw the second room I had a huge ( and I do mean huge!) smile on my face. We still have a view of the harbor but we also have a whole living, dining room section. Plus a full kitchen ( yes and actual small 4 burner stove with oven.) small frig but actually bigger than the one in the other room. To top it off there is a hallway we go to for our room! We have two private balconies and a fire place!

Imagine me wanting to do my happy dance in front of the general manager lol. I told her we would take the suite. So the next day I had to go back home bought a few food items we needed, brought one of my cast iron pans and cutting knifes. The ones they provided well let’s say I could only cut butter because those are the only type of knife they gave us.

After the second day I was exhausted and just stayed in and vegged out. I went in my first walk and it was beautiful! Everyone was friendly and the scenery was amazing!

They have a laundry room and I love it! It’s not huge but it is a good size. The washers are only 1.00 and the dryers are .75! Not even in my apartment complex are the equipment that cheap! I used them already and I can say these are full size washer and dryer and they do an amazing job!

The only issue that was frustrating to me was that my ipad and phone wouldn’t connect to wifi. Now I’m happy that I can connect to my WP community!

Well so far I can say this experience is turning out to be very positive for me. There will more post of pictures and places we have gone. I know this isn’t a traveling blog but I’m sure you all won’t mind. Plus it might give some an idea for a vacation spot or story!

Until Next Time,


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