Glamour Magazine, who knew..

Okay something that is not the norm for me… I usually don’t read magazines and if I do its mostly forbes or the women fitness type. Saying this my husband subscribed me to the Glamour magazine for a year, well they have been stacking up in the house.

Before we left in the business trip I looked at them thinking, these need to be thrown away. I’m not a fashionista nor am I really into makeup or all that girlie stuff. Was I WRONG!

This isn’t only about the make-up and fashion. It is also about building women’s confidence internally.. Don’t roll your eyes or think I’m brainwashed ( the Marine Corps took care if that! LOL J/k ), truly they have really great articles about topics that have not been on the television. Yes I have cable right now cause we are in a hotel ( a whole post entirely ).

They have topics about the girls throughout the world that are are being manipulated, raped, threaten and often killed for going to school. They have interviews of successful women in the government, fashion, entertainment as well as entrepreneurs.

Reading these magazines for me seems like if we ever had a daughter I would like for her to read them. They in a way keep women or young women in the loop of causes that are of interest to human kind not just of politics but of everyday life struggles. In a ways this magazine can help some one get inspired to do better, to know they aren’t the only one that is struggling.

In the end I feel like this subscription will keep being renewed in this household. Yes I like the fashion tips, and make up tips. Most if all I love the aspect that it brings articles that will help steer women to keep fighting and keep going forward into the dreams and goals they have in life.

Until Next Time,

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