My wifi turmoil!

I can actually say this is going to be a very short rant.

I only had only about 8 hours of wifi! Seriously! I get connected and as soon as I click on my apps the wifi disconnects! I hate this!

Called them and explained everything that is happening with it… What did they say? We will look into it… This is bull! I hate calling people that’s just not me. And I even apologize to the guy because I hate complaining to people. I like fixing my own problems but how can I fix them when I can’t control the internet!

This morning getting up I thought hmmm let me check maybe I can login in to wifi again… Yeah nope! So basically now I’m just writing this rant knowing that I will not be able to post it. Maybe I’ll just delete this before I get to a wifi connection.

You know what pisses me off most, I actually started to edit more of Shadow Voices, I actually thought that I would be able to work on it and finish it. Now I can’t, my story is in an app which if I don’t have internet connection I can’t write!!

I really need a laptop!!

Well I guess it’s back to just reading my magazines and book I have..

Until next time

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