Girls Globally being Oppressed

Okay this topic to me is very depressing, I don’t know how it is to be threaten or mistreated for wanting or going to school. Unfortunately this is what thousands if not millions of girls go through everyday globally.

I know everyone has there own demons and there a lot so global issues that the media and the government do not educate to the world. I don’t have regular cable for 4 years no, so I really can’t say that this specific topic has not been talked about in the media.

Reading this article in the Glamour magazine, August 2014 issue really opened my eyes to something that I haven’t heard. Of course ism not blind or ignorant that there are places in the work children are being oppressed, abused, killed and traumatized. I just never had read an article like this journalist and poet Eliza Griswold write in “Actually, Let’s Bring ALL Our Girls Back.

To read that a child at the age of 12 is being raped and is a slave to extremist is horrifying. These aren’t just girls being “kidnap” because who their parents are or that they have parents that influential or have money. These are girls from poor environments trying to educate themselves to have a better and successful life. How can ANYONE want to stop a child from realizing their potential?!

What I think that is more horrifying is the fact that their OWN fathers, brothers and even mothers do not want them to go to school. Many of their parents and family reasoning are that they will be kidnap, killed or as these extremist publicize ” it’s not religiously allowed” really! I’m sorry but I have not read ANYTHING in the Quran and as I can remember the Bible that states no girl or woman can have an education!

I am glad that I read this and I give kudos not only to the author but to Glamour. I just wish that it was more then two pages. Hopefully in the future they might make another article to let us know what is happening or if there are any changes..

These monsters ( because there truly isn’t a right word for them. ) are depriving these girls an education because they believe a woman’s place is beneath a man and she should stay at home. I’m sorry but men that think that way are STUPID! these are intellectuals nor spiritual men, these are monsters that if I had a say in it would out them in chains and have them as SLAVES. I would beat them, kill them and yes SODOMIZE them, because truly if that is how they feel towards women then they should get a taste of there own medicine.

I don’t understand how the media nor the government are voicing out the outrage or implementing some kind if plan. I have only been seeing cable for a week now and I know this article is a couple months old… But I don’t understand how this is still not being out in the news! I’m outrage that people prefer the new and hottest news about a political persons life ( having babies ) or the fact that an actor or actress is going to talk to congress. Instead of highlighting the subject they highlight the persons acting career instead of highlights the REASON AND CAUSE they are talking to congress.

When is the American NO HUMANKIND finally realize that we need to ban together and force the media and government to face and do something about these issues that TRULY matter. This could be our daughters, sisters, mothers, wives someday and instead of helping them we are setting them even more into the shadows then before.

If we the people want to rise up then rise up in the issues that truly matter. Giving the opportunities and helping future generations to have an opportunity and life that we the “free and democratic’ countries have.

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