Thank you!!

I just wanted to tell all of my followers THANK YOU! I know I have said it before but to sign on here and see that I have new followers makes me all tingly inside. 😉

I can’t believe I have made it to 100 followers!

I am so humbled that people out in the digital world are willingly to take time to read my blog. I know I don’t have the best grammar, punctuation and all and it could be challenging to read. Still you all stick along with me.

I do hope that I am doing better.. Not only in bringing you all various types of topics that you like to read, but that my writing ( as mentioned above ) is getting better. I am trying my best to proofread my work before publishing so hopefully that has been helpful.

I know this is a short and sweet post but I just wanted to say to you all my old and new followers thank you for letting my humbled blog into your digital word.

Until Next Time,

2 thoughts on “Thank you!!

  1. I have always loved your blog, your writing, and you! I do have a question? You sign LK, today was the first time we addressed you by that…do you prefer that, or Muslim Latina..both are beautiful?
    Also, Congrats!! Very well deserved, I know you will go far…remember us when you go big 🙂 …as I know you will. Your writing is wonderful. As always with much love ❤ -CCChanel


    1. CCChanel,

      Thank for always giving me those encouraging words 😉
      Insha’Allah the day I go big I’ll have to celebrate somehow with everyone 😉 I don’t know but I’ll figure out a way. I’ll never forget you all.
      You can use either name is okay with me. I love both I just chose not to say my full name now but both are fine.

      Thank you for the love and right back at cha! 😉


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