Death of an Innocent – 1997

Today they have killed an Innocent
He barely lived
He had such potential

At school
they talked about his death
About who he was

I sit there and think
I remember the hard times I had
I remember the past and see the few moments
He and I had
That are now in the past

Things have happened
that I prefer to have locked
in my secret place

That’s where I cry
and feel my own pain
My loss of innocence
I cry for the boy
And the memories
We shared

I look around me
I see the reflection of
sorrow, tears, and pain
That I feel inside my own heart

His death
Our loss
Is such an injustice

Done to an Innocent
A boy that had potential
A generation

His innocence
Our pain
Will always be reflected

By the death
That was caused

Another long ago piece I had written. I hope you enjoy it.

Until Next Time,

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