Staying at Home Issue #1

One thing I hate doing is just laying around and be lazy. I start getting into a depression and then creepy and negative thoughts start to enter my mind. I think that I actually get myself sick.

WP is an outlet not only for my writing but also it helps me to not think of all of these creepy things… Lately though I’ve been thinking maybe I should make these thoughts into some “short stories” or something similar. Hey it might help my juices flow better when I write.

Who knows instead if just a thought it might be a great story… Not so sure about that last one but heh stranger things has happened.

In saying this I will try to post those thoughts up as short very short stories and from there I’ll see what happens…

So now I will stop here and read my magazine since I haven’t done so. Maybe I will read another great article!

Until Next Time,

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