Heels and a Tomboy

I’m a tomboy, but like Shakira sings in her Pies descalzos album, every girl needs to know how to waltz, drink champagne. She should have added needs to know how to walk in heels too.

I can say before my hubby I was a tomboy, I joined the military and I started wearing heels. They were my everyday shoe. After awhile I stopped ( it’s an entirely different story as to why).

Now when I met my hubby I basically was still wearing my high heel shoes. But with the weight gain ( thank you freaking thyroid! ), my knee injury that I got in the military basically was a deciding factor of not wearing my heels anymore.

To bad for hubby cause he LOVES me in high heels. I have trying to lose weight and I can say that when I started losing more weight I was able to wear my heels more often, the sand thing is if you don’t wear them often you feet start he putting and when walking you look like a duck lol.. Or you had an accident lol

So now that we are here for a month, mostly me relaxing I brought my heels. I’m trying to teach myself just like I did before my 15th traditional birthday party, wear them inside the hotel room… Of course I haven’t started lol… But I think today is the day..

I loved and was used too before wearing stiletto shoes… Now I don’t have those shoes but I do have the 5 inch ones and well time to start now. When we go home i am hoping to have gotten used to wearing heels….

Second to learn wearing make up…

What women do to make their husbands happy! Well…. I little bit if honestly I kind of like it myself…

Like hubby teases me since we started to go out…

IM A GIRL NOW!! ( I just won’t admit it to him lol )

Until Next Time,

2 thoughts on “Heels and a Tomboy

  1. I say good job on trying to get those heels back in the game. Even if it is for a little home entertainment and for short periods of time, it is always a great thing. šŸ˜‰


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