Addiction Caught in Time…

There is so many people out there that choose, were forced into several addictions in their lives. This isn’t about how I feel about them but more about how I feel I am battling addiction myself.

Yes this sound very bad but no I’m not addicted to drugs nor have I ever been. I am not addicted to alcohol, yes I used to drink in my younger days but with two bad experiences I stopped drinking (another post entirely).

So now that we got that out of the way…

I notice that everytime I purchase anything I get a “high” feeling. Thats the only way that I can explain it. It comes with jitters but as soon as I hit that final order button they go away. I don’t feel excited about getting the cloths. Yes I by mines and hubbies online since I HATE going to stores.

Noticing this I started getting a bit apprehensive about our finances. I mean I am the one that 100% takes care of our finances. We have been getting out of debt and we have a year or so until we are debt free. I am scared that I will be the one taking us back into the downward spiral.

A couple of months ago while visiting hubbies family we both had a conversation with my husband’s brother – in – law about finances. We truly value his opinion since he is one of a very few batch of people that we can talk about all aspect of life topics and we don’t feel like we are stupid or wrong…

Well he told us a quote from the Quran (he is very well versed in Islam), and what I can remember of it ( I have a bad memory) it was regarding of being careful of addiction to all things. That if it is not for Allah ( Islam teaches that everything we do regardless if its the job, celebrations, holidays, etc. should be done in the name of Allah and not for ourselves (another post entirely)).

He basically told us that usually what he does when thinking of a purchase he analyzs it. He starts to see it the purchase really make sense. He thought of how often he would use it or if the family benefited for it then he would purchase it. If the answer was that it wouldn’t have and benefits or get much us then he wouldn’t purchase that item.

After a couple of months had passed I did my best to practice his method. Yeah it did not work. But, yes there is a But here… I found my own method that actually works for me and our household.

As I said before, I do the financial management in our home so it is a bit easier to manage that jittery “high” feeling.. My solution that is helping me is that I made a list of all priority and want buys, so we both basically sat down and went through the list.

I can say I am glad that hubbies brother – in – law talked to us and gave us that advice. I am more confident that my “addiction” that could have spiraled out of control and land us in debt yet again.

What I am trying to convey if I haven’t done so ( I know I’m long winded lol), is that if you pay attention to your self you can see the forms of addiction that we each have. Some are easier then others to control but they can especially with a plan and have support (even if it is by only your spouse, kid, friend, etc.) They might not be as life threatening as others but it still is an addiction.

Until Next Time,

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