The Mountain

I see myself
On top of the world
On top of that mountain

That mountain with those white caps
That mountain with the freezing waterfall on its side

I see myself
On top of that mountain
That one there
the one where the airplanes have to go around
The one that no one has claimed they have been able to climbed

I hear the distance music
I shut my eyes and feel it flow through my veins
The music of rain
The music beating on my face

Can’t you see
I’m on top of the world
nothing can touch me

I want more
I stand on the tip of my toes
I can almost touch the cloud

I see myself
on top of the world
on top of this mountain
that I climbed
Its mine and no one else’s

Looking around this mountain
I see
The sorrow, the pain,
The rain that have become tears

All those green cactuses
browning and slowly will die
winter is coming
on this mountain
theres nothing warm on this mountain

I hear the distant music
the laughter down below again

I’m on top now
on these white caps
that make me feel cold

Finally I got my wish
I’m on the mountain
Oh but how I was wrong

I long to be below
where the warmth and music
could seeps into my veins

I wanted to be on top
I wanted this mountain
Oh but how wrong I was
I hate this mountain, this cold
This lonely path
On top of this mountain

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