WordPress App restricts me.. Sorry

Just a note here

Usually when someone follows me I like to take the time and say thank you. I go to their blog and if I find it interesting for me I follow as well.

I really don’t know the “etiqutte” on WP. Saying this unfortunately I do not own a computer. The app on my iPad mini restricts me a lot. I try and go look at my new followers (by the way THANK YOU) but the app is acting up.

I have to put in my password everytime then there is a blank screen. If I go online I can log in but then if I want to follow I do not see that button.

Basically for all of my new followers that I have I want to say thank you very much and I hope I bring to you post that will hopefully keep you coming back for more. There are great blogs out there and until I am able to fully go and click the follow button I hope I am forgiven.

Well today is enough of post, have to do my “wifely” chores before hubby comes home lol..

Insha’Allah I will be writing more tomorrow.

Comments, Questions, Opinions are always welcome, just keep it clean and respectful please.

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