1. Thank you CC, as I previously said the Honor is mine. Your brother made the ultimate sacrifice and for that I will always be forever grateful. Hopefully more people out there start recognizing our heroes more often, I’m just doing my little part.


      1. No, he didn’t actually die. I know I said they had died, but that meant the flower petals. And in a way him, too. But meaning a part of him. My brother as I knew him. He has severe PTSD. He has combat PTSD. He has suffered with it since he came back. He has been homeless for months at a time. Cannot keep a job. He has never been the same. After 20 years of service he was medically discharged. That was meant by waiting for phone calls when bridges and truck stops swallow him again, so he can forget what he saw. I am sorry if you thought he died. In many ways he did. But no, he did not physically die. I am sorry for that confusion. -CC


        1. I apologize by my wording. I meant ultimate sacrafice because I figured as your writing suggested he was not the same after serving. I have friends that serve that return and they are emotionally or mentally not there.

          Again I do apologize for my wording, I should have used different ones.

          Unfortunately a lot of our heroes do not get the help they need, and when it finally comes sometimes it is to late. I’m not sure if your state has it but I do know California has a program for veterans where they get free housing and they help them get the disability they need if they cannot work.

          Let me know what state he is in and I will see if some of my contacts can help him out in getting the help he needs if he wants it.

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          1. ohhhh, I am so sorry, and thank you….I always thought that meant giving your life. Yesss..they should all be recognized for that sacrifice because their life has completely changed.
            The problem is he won’t accept help. Our “government” was going to discharge him without his medical discharge while he was missing this last time…and I had to find him. It took me four months. It is a long story. He has his benefits…thankfully..but he does not understand things and is non-compliant. He can afford housing, he chooses to disappear. It is very sad to me to the point it is heartbreaking. But if there comes a time he becomes compliant I will know I have someone. Right now when he stays anywhere it is with my parents and he walks in circles all day.
            Much thanks to you Muslim Latina, for understanding.
            Truly ❤

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            1. Not to get into your business but you can work along side with the VA or state and see if they can make your parents his “guardian” per say.. Basically they will be getting his income and take care of all his doctors appointments therapy and all of that. Even on the days he is not “himself” and goes off those benefits that he doesn’t get will be in place always. Insha’Allah he will be able to recognize and accept the help your family and you are trying to give him.

              I will have him and you in my prayers always my friend.

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