Crickets, Squirrels…. What’s Next

Okay… So either my apartment is turning into some kind of animal center or there is something inside our apartment that is calling in the animals. Sounds creepy I know just keep reading and you’ll find out I’m not going crazy… Or maybe I am… don’t know.

Since sunday my hubby and I have been finding crickets in our home. I know that there are people that say and believe having a cricket is good luck. I can say that in some way I do believe in it too.

What I don’t like about the cricket is when they are making their noise non stop in my home! We ( I actually mean myself) were looking for it for about an hour on sunday and finally we managed to locate it. It was inside the light fixture in our hallway. Trust me we don’t live in a huge place, we are in a one bedroom one bath apartment… maybe 700 sqft. or so…

Since we don’t have a lot of decorations and stuff laying around and we have tiled floors noises tend to echo a lot. So you can imagine the annoyance for us and on top of that I was getting a headache.

Well finally hubby comes and smacks the light fixture and believe it or not I screamed bloody murder and pushed my hubby (or at least tried too) out of the way! Well a cricket came flying out directly towards hubby and landed on the floor behind him.

After him and his best friend stopped making fun of me for being such a “girl” (yes I put it on parenthesis, I usually don’t act that way), they killed the poor cricket.

Well on Monday night we were both sitting in the living room and I happened to look towards the wall. I actually thought I saw a cockroach, when I started to freak out hubby turned and looked and yeap it was another cricket. At least this one wasn’t making any noises. Unfortunately hubby killed it even though I asked if there was a way he could catch it and put it outside.

Then on Tuesday I had the experience of the squirrels which I posted up earlier. I guess now I’m looking forward to which type of animal we will be visited from next.

Until Next Time,

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