Do We become Children in Our Old Age

Do we really go back into being children?

Simple question but very weird to ask right? All my life I have been told that when we grow old we will revert back to acting like children.

As a child I laughed at that idea. How can a grown person, a professional, a mother, a father act like a child once they are of a certain age? I mean if thats true then who will take care of them? If they have kids will their children put their parents in senior homes or if they don’t have children will the state take them in? In which way do they act like children?

When they go back to acting like children; does that mean that they will talk back when someone is trying to correct them? Or will they want to climb the monkey bars again? Will they even remember that their bones aren’t made for running, or jumping anymore?

Now that my parents age range from my mom in her 50’s and my dad in his 60’s I can somewhat understand that saying. Even though my parents are children at heart it seems that one of them actually is becoming even more of a child then before.

My father is truly a child, of course he has ALWAYS been a child but now he actually throws tantrums! I can’t believe it, he does the whole pout and stomping. Now I cant say that I get irritated or annoyed with him. I actually think it is cute, I just feel sorry for my mother because she is the one that has to deal with him 24/7.

I guess back to my original question.. Do we really go back into being children? I believe part of us (for the ones that always acted like children) you do. Does it mean that you can’t think or act as an adult.. No.

Even though my father still have 3 jobs, two of them is working the evening shift. He is as healthy as a horse ( lol I never thought I would use this expression). He always acted like a child and now the child tantrums have come back. Will they get worse I hope not but they are cute when I visit them, even though my mom doesn’t think so.

Do you believe that we revert to childhood? Do you have a parent or know of someone that has gone back in their mature age act like child. How do you handle it?

Until Next Time,

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