Kindle, iTunes or paperback…. That is my dilemma!

I have always loved reading books, hence I was always called a bookworm. I know I have post something similar a couple weeks if not months ago. This isn’t about the books I read or who inspired me to read them.

This is more on how technology and my living space has made me adapt as to how I read my books. Of course The last time I have read a paperback book was about 6 or 8 months ago. Yes I don’t rad as much as I would like anymore.

I know I say that I love being a homemaker and it is true; its just that I haven’t yet found a good routine. With the exception of writing. It seems that I am writing a bit more often then reading.

Okay going off of topic, sorry… Any who.. Having my husbands “must” have books plus the ones that are my “must” haves we have a nice collection. We had to give a lot (and I mean A LOT) of books to the library. It took us so long to decide that now I noticed that we have most on our small book shelf. Of course we still have a whole box full of other books.

I am wanting to buy more books especially the J.D. Robb series. I LOVE HER BOOKS! Again I wrote about this author on a previous post… Any who… I am wanting to buy more books since my daily “routine” is becoming a bit more manageable for me. Unfortunately we do not have the space to buy the paperback books that I love. There is no greater feeling than to feel the book in your hands.

Now I have to decide… do I buy the books electronically and if I do under which app… Meaning the Kindle or ITunes. Yes I love my iPad mini and it works wonders when I need it.

The only thing is that is wifi so it will only update when I’m in a wifi connection. I don’t use my iPhone for reading and try my best to not write with my iPhone since it is very difficult for me.

Any who, now I’m at a stand still…. Kindle, iTunes or paperback (but not a lot of room of storage). Well I guess I do have the library but when you like a certain book you want to re-read it over and over again…

Until Next Time,

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