Squirrels on my doorstep

How cute!! I just missed a moment to capture a beautiful picture.

I was doing the laundry Yesterday and when I came up the steps I say two squirrels right at my door and balcony. It kind of scared me a bit (yes I’ll admit it okay.. I get scared sometimes), any ways I just stood there standing starring at them and they were there starring at me.

Then all of the stories my husband has been telling me over the years came into my head all at once. I think that’s when I actually got a bit more scared.

Let’s see.. first story was that squirrels actually chase people…. The second is that when cornered the squirrel will jump at you and bite… I can go on but I won’t cause I’m freaking myself all over again!

Well one of the maintenance guy was doing something down the hallway, I don’t know if it was for concern or laughter but he asked me if the squirrels were trying to get into my apartment.

I told him no that they were just sitting there when I came up… So I just told them to go away and waved my hands and they turned around more scarred than I was probably.

Afterwards I was thinking about it and I though it was so cute they were hanging out.

Until Next Time,

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