A Gift from Above..

When the darkness came I was a child
I had hope and was strong willed,
but I didn’t have a chance
Wrapping me in its black abyss I felt cold yet
oddly calm

Then the darkness took over my emotions
it willed them to stop working
Blackening them, it showed me the hatered
Seeing the red of rage I drank greedily
hoping that it would stop this pain
Darkness got me lost
it kept me astray

Until one day Allah’s (SWT) gift came
A soft glowing light
A ray of hope
becoming and forming into a blinding light
that slowly penetrated and conquered this black abyss

A light of hope
A light of Love
A light of Inspiration

This light, the gift from Allah (SWT)
helped me break free from the darkness grasp
My emotions came flowing
as a raging river
Breaking and swallowing this darkness

Now I drink from the flowing river
I let the light warm my body
I can still see from afar that the darkness lingers

Never again as long as I believe
Will the darkness engulf me
In its chains of despair again

Until Next Time,

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