No Response… Really?? Why so Rude?

I know many of you have jobs, or other responsibilities. You can’t afford to sit in front of your computer, ipad, smartphone etc… all day to check out and respond to your commenters.

What I don’t understand how you put your thought into creating a post and sharing it to the internet world. Then when you get feedback, regardless if it is right away or months if not years later you don’t reply back?

I understand for the bloggers that do not moderate their comments. How would you know if anyone commented unless you go in a check. One thing I am learning is that if you do moderate you receive either emails, texts or notifications on most of your electronical devices. There should not be an excuse

I know I am not the most popular or best blogger out there. I do understand that in the short year and half on this blog I have managed to get approximately 100 plus followers. I know not all of them like, comment or share my post. It is a good feeling to have followers. That feeling even gets better when they decide to comment, like or share my post.

If that is the case I try my best to reply. I am as said before a homemaker. Unless I have errands to run and once my chores are finished I have LITERALLY nothing to do. So yes, I may not be the usual blogger because I try to reply quickly to my followers because I have nothing but TIME. Even then sometimes I do not respond until a few days later and that is because I am either traveling visiting family, vacation or I am sick and do not have the energy to get on the internet.

If you have a blog you have a responsibility to your blog. You have a responsibility to your followers and anyone that actually comes and visits you and comments. They took that effort to not only like your post but to give you words of encouragement, criticism, or their own thoughts. Regardless you should comment with at least a Thank you or something!

If not (and the reason I love WordPress) is that you can disable comments on your post or blog. Like that there is not option for your followers except read and “take” what you give them.

No this isn’t a rant but it is a thought of all the post I am seeing. It seems that a lot of bloggers out there do feel “hurt” or get “annoyed” when they comment and give no response back. I know I have had that experience before.

Just some food for thought and something to think about. I am fairly new here still and have a lot to learn. I am just happy that my manners regardless in person, via phone, email or blogging I try to implement with the same curtsey and respect.

Until Next Time,

2 thoughts on “No Response… Really?? Why so Rude?

  1. Totally agree! CC wrote about this in part of a post and I am not sure it was received well. Then she tried to explain further what she meant by it..but you did a much better job at explaining it. Well done. Could not agree more. -alex

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