Is this Spam or Not?

Okay I think I learned something today about spam. There are some commenters that unfortunately when they have commented it went to spam.

I really am sorry for the one person it did that too. It was a post I did a couple of months ago. As I have mentioned before I do not have a computer I only have an Ipad Mini.

Saying that I have a WP App where I actually create and publish my post. I do have of course some admin tools but not everything. If I want to get everything I have to go to the actual safari website.

The only reason that I don’t like using the safari website is because everything seems to be condensed to the point that I can barely read the print on screen.

I have to zoom in but then I can’t see other “stuff” that I need at the same time. So I limit the amount of times that I go to the full website. Today I went in and I saw that I had spam.. Not a lot, just about 5 and out of those five seems that only 1 was a blogger. I thing the reason that they got put into the spam folder is because of how they made there comment.

They did their own advertising for their blog on mine… Also the web address didn’t seem as it was a regular WP or any type of blogger. When I checked out the website though it did take me to a WP Official blogger page. It seems that the blogger is fairly new. Basically I took him off spam and approved his comment.

If anyone knows about this or if I made a huge mistake meaning that if it goes to spam it is spam please let me know. I just got a lot of likes that seems to be a link to some advertisement webpage in a total different language….

Anywho… anyone that can share their knowledge is welcome to do so please.

Until Next Time,

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