A Little Update

So I know that I said I am taking a break, yes I am trying to because next week we will be going to visit hubbies family and I want to have the apartment cleaned before we leave.

There is nothing better to come home from a vacation to clean home! So Yes I am trying my best to tidy up. I also am trying to think of cold foods to make so we can take with us on the drive up there. We don’t want to spend that much money on food so I’m trying to cook chicken and other things that we can eat cold.

Sometimes though your fingers itch and you can’t help but write…

Anywho… I also want to let everyone know that while I am taking a break to prepare for the holiday vacation, I am also looking for a job. Not that I need to but I think earning some extra cash and not being at home bored ALL day will be good for me. Don’t get me wrong I do love the fact that I can dedicate my whole day to writing but I also have chores that I need to complete. After all is said and done I am just tired and I start thinking things I shouldn’t be.

Well just a little update as to why I am taking a break. Don’t worry I am working on pieces to be publish once the 25th comes around.

Who knows… I might get an idea of a new book to write… Or a surprise on my current book who knows???

Until Next Time,

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