Call of the Herald (Godsland Series Book 1) – My Review

Book Read Call of the Herald (Godsland Series Book 1)
Written By: Rathbone, Brian
Device read on:Amazon (E-book)


I can say this book kept me up ALL night last night. Yes that is how much I loved it! I remember I bought this book for free on amazon kindle a few years back. Yes I am that bad at reading books now! I used to just want to go and delete it but something told me just to keep it.

My thoughts on the book:If you like civil unrest, mystical powers, a heroine that is constantly doubting herself but when push come to shoves she can kick ass! Then this is a book you will like. Her companions even though stunned and worried about their own families follow her blindly, not only because they have known each other since childhood but because something in them “urges” them to stay with her. Through out the story she “learns” by herself on how to wield her raw power, all the while trying to evade soldiers that are trying to capture them.

Other information about the book:
-This book is part of a Trilogy called The Dawning of Power Trilogy
– It also goes along with his second trilogy The Balance of Power Trilogy

I just started on the second book which also was free.. Again I got this book through amazon a couple of years back, Click here, if you want to get the book. Looking at the link it is still free for kindle for others I believe it is .99. Still not a bad deal.

For some of the author’s bio click Here.

Hopefully this little novice review can persuade some of you if only just a little bit to go check it out.

HA I just a free advertising lol.. Well at least you all know if I like the books I’ll give out as much details as I can.

Until Next Time,

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