A Welcomed Distraction..

Has anyone have trouble “flowing” when your spouse is around.. Not that they are bugging you or wanting you to stop writing.. Let me tell you what just happened to me..

Well my hubby is a man that truly is a child. I really mean CHILD, he acts like one and well lets just say if I didn’t find it adorable I doubt that I would have married him..

Yes that sounds cruel, please let me explain.. I am trying to “flow” in my writing and picked the wrong time… He is home… So he is helping me by washing the dishes and getting his lunch ready since the food is already made.

Well basically he starts singing “just a friend” by Bizz Marquie (spelling is probably wrong). Well when I’m trying to write a piece that is of pain and sorrow the last thing you want to hear is this song right? So I ask him if he can be quiet..

Then he starts prepping his lunch and I don’t know why but his pants just slip off!! I mean talk about a sexy distraction! Not only is that sexy as hell but then he looks at me with those puppy eyes and a look of shock right at me. He then says ” My pants fell down” and pouts! I mean I couldn’t stop laughing!

So I decided that I was done for the night and ordered myself to enjoy the rest of the show! Hey sexy hubby cleaning the cast iron dishes, I’m NUTS to pass that up!

Until Next Time

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