I’m Back!!

Hello WP peeps! I’m back from a long and much needed vacation! I can truthfully say that I truly missed two things while on our little vacation.

Roku! Oh how I missed you! I can say having this device has spoiled me and hubby immensely! I hate cable TV!! The few hours that we watched it there was nothing good to see! then ALL those commercials!! I remembered how much I hated channel surfing!

WP!! I missed you so much! To not be able to post anything was so bad but then to not be able to read anything! I mean I did a few readings since I commented or liked a few but not to my hearts desires!

Now I am stuck with sooo much laundry! Plus it is raining so I have to figure out how not to get the clothes wet once dried! Then of course the cleaning and oh yeah, I want to rearrange the furniture.

I usually rearrange the furniture every 3 months or so but this time I have not rearranged anything for about 9 months.. I think it is due!

Well without further babbling on I will go ahead and start posting my pieces. I hope you like them!!

Until Next Time,

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