Creativity – An authors thoughts and Advice

I’m catching up on my magazine reading Women’s Health. I just came across on an article called “Ignite Your Creativity” by John Searles. He was the best selling author for the month of July/August according to Women’s Health.

His book is called Help for the Hunted.

The reason I am writing about him is because there were 4 points he wrote for the magazine talking about creativity. I really liked it and I’m sure a lot if not most authors practice some of these.

He wrote about how you have to make creativity a habit. You can’t just stop writing and then think that your flow will stay. You need to practice everyday and set a goal to accomplish that day.

Secondly he also commented on how you should not be afraid to imitate someone. No he isn’t talking about plagiarism, he is saying that you can grab your favorite authors and do your best to imitate their style. In the end with enough practice you will find your own rhythm to write. It’s more about inspiration then actual “coping” that authors rhythm.

He also suggest to associate yourself with people that are in the same niche as you. they have the same attitude of creativity, work ethic etc.. Some people being in that same niche group will inspire the individual and will help expand the skill.

Lastly, he writes about self-sabotaging. That you are your worst enemy, don’t let it control you. If your inner self is telling you not to write something to just do it. Remember you can always fix it later or delete if you don’t want it anymore.

I truly think these are all really good points. Of course some are harder to achieve then others but it is not as if it is impossible. It seems that the more I read or see interviews of authors they basically talk about the same thing. Practice, write, hang around similar associates and in the end, don’t let your fear control your writing.

Hopefully this upcoming year I can strive to put some of these suggestions to good use. I have started with a few but I know I can get better..

Until Next Time,

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