Drama is not for this blog

Its so funny how some people think that I use my WP blog, facebook and twitter to hide behind.

If I have drama at home it stays at home. That I might mention a general thought on here yes I have on occasion done that. Have I put names or described the person NO.

Its just really funny how some people think that when I post anything up in my social media they believe that post is about them. I’m sorry but clearly they do not know me very well.

If I want to complain and whine I do that in my personal journal I have at home. Even then I don’t really put to much details in case I lose it or someone that is noisy (which are several) people find it and look through it.

One thing my parents taught me is if I have a problem with someone then I do two things.. Don’t talk to them or say what I have to say in front of their faces and be done with it.

So if you are any of those persons please don’t think so highly of yourselves. I am not on here to put any one on blast or whine and complain about my drama that I have. This is a platform that I am hoping to build if one day I actually get my books published.

My intimate DRAMA life issues will stay INTIMATE… I have no need nor do I need to let the world know what I am going through…

This is hopefully the first and last post I put on here regarding this subject.

I do apologize to my readers and I hope this post does not put any you off on unfollowing me..

Until Next Time,

3 thoughts on “Drama is not for this blog

  1. It does not put me off at all. I feel of course, that a person’s blog should be about whatever they want to write about. Ours of course, is about certain aspects of our life. Other’s blogs are structured differently.
    I have never once felt that you did any of those things. I feel that you are a very generous, kind person, with much talent.
    So sorry you are having these issues.
    Much love and blessings to you. Good for you for writing this.

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    1. You are right every person has their own blog as they wish it. Thank you as always for your support and kindness. I just had to put this on here because the few that feel that I am using this platform to hide I want to make sure they know that I am not.

      I love writing and I don’t want to give it up. I also don’t want to mix my life with my blog. These are two separate things for me that I am doing my to keep apart.

      After this though I will no longer let outside drama influence what I put or not put on here.

      Thank you again for your continued support and kindness CC

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