How do you get creative

So I have a question for all of you…

When you sit down and get creative, what type of setting do you give yourself?

I know for me I usually like writing and reading in the morning. I am in my pj’s putting on Netflix or siriusXM radio for background noises. Sometimes I have my cup of coffee or I’m eating my brunch (yes I do not wake up really early).

I try my best to get my writing done before I start on my chores. The days that I stay at home I like to write through out the day. Lately I have been writing at night because I can’t sleep, but it seems that is helping to keep my flow going.

So please if you like share below how you get creative.. Also if you like please share your links to your blog on here. I know some of you know OM and thats how I met so many talented authors on here and I’m sure thats how I also got some followers on my own.

I think its time to pay it forward a little, what do you guys think?

Until Next Time,

Comments, Questions, Opinions are always welcome, just keep it clean and respectful please.

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