Volunteering Frustration

Today I am a bit sad. I was going to put in an application to volunteer at Casa LA, which stands for Court Appointed Special Advocates for children.

I have been trying to do more volunteer work since I am staying at work. I tried going to our mosque but it just doesn’t feel like I am doing much help. I want to help people not just help them sign in their names on a piece a paper. Don’t get me wrong that is a good thing but I just know that it isn’t for me.

So I went to volunteer match website, to see if I can find something for me. I had but not having a computer makes it hard.

So I found CASA and the RED CROSS, instead of signing up for both I decided to first try CASA. Helping children in their time of need and trying to make sure they are protected was something I really wanted to do.

Unfortunately there is a two year commitment that I have to do. I can’t because if my husband gets transferred or gets a promotion we would have to move I don’t want to be involved with a child and then having to leave them suddenly.

Its unfair to the child and to the case. So I sent the email letting the coordinator know I wasn’t going to submit my application due to not meeting one requirement.

Now I am looking at the RED CROSS and am hoping that this goes well. I already have the date to do the orientation so I hope that after I do that I am approved to work along side the organization.

Wish me luck on my volunteer hunting!

Until Next Time,

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