Happy New Year!

I know I am late, I am sorry.. Everyone I’m sure can understand that it was the holidays so the spending time with family and running a few errands please forgive me.

I am hoping that all of you spent an AWESOME New Year! Hopefully you all spent it with people that you love and made lasting memories for 2014. Being the New Year I’m sure everyone has written or thought of their New Year “Resolutions”. I know I have.

Of course I usually think of the same ones every year but this year I want to try something different. Instead of making a resolution on what to do or accomplish, I think this year I will try something different.

So here are my resolutions for 2015, (not in order nor dates on when they need to be accomplished)

1. Make sure I get closer to Allah (SWT), by doing my 5 daily prayers, reading the Quran more frequently and try to go to the Mosque for Jummah prayer (Friday “mass”)

2. Try to find myself, I need to stop living in my past. The accomplishments I have made in my life are now part of a beautiful memory. I need to consistently challenge myself physically, mentally and emotionally.

3. Leave all negativity at the door. Even if its family, relatives or with my husband. I need to associate myself with people that challenge me in a healthy way. If they choose be negative in any form to simple do my best and have the least communication with them.

4. Will try to become a more understanding and caring wife. I need to push myself more and support my husband more in all of his decisions, in his dreams.

5. Make new traditions with my Husband throughout the year. We need to start and enjoy life a little bit more after all of the sacrifices we have done and not feel bad or guilty about it.

Overall I know I can put more down, lets face it I wont try fill myself up with so many that I won’t be able to complete one. Maybe for some of you this is something that you are able to accomplish easily. For me though this will be something new and challenging. With the support of my husband and family I know that I can accomplish all.

What are your resolutions for the new year? Are there any changes that you would like to change…

Until Next Time,

Comments, Questions, Opinions are always welcome, just keep it clean and respectful please.

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