On the Hunt for New Blogs to Read

I know that I have been taking breaks on WP. Maybe it’s because of the Holidays… I have noticed that the blogs I am subscribed too don’t post anything up very frequently.

I do hope that they are still able too because I truly miss their writing. Some have express that they will not be posting as usual, others have not said anything… I guess this new year has changes for everyone.

Now that I don’t have as many post to read I am looking for new blogs that interest me… We all need a change at some point right? I will never walk away from the blogs I have now but I am looking forward to the blogs I will start following.

I might not be reading a lot of books now but I sure am reading a lot of blogs. I can’t wait… I guess I should cut this post off short and get to pushing that subscribe button.

If any of you have any blog suggestions please put their link below. I am interested in all type of blogs…

Let the hunt begin!!

Until Next Time,

9 thoughts on “On the Hunt for New Blogs to Read

  1. People out enjoying the festivities (or getting over hangovers) for days—I’ve noticed that too.  I’m so immersed in this blogging thing, surprised by it, that I began a post on it…and trashed it because I’ve put too much focus on blogging from an idiot’s point of view as it is.


    1. Everyone has a reason why they do or dont blog. I’vr noticed this since before christmas i just now had the time to make a post out of it. you should have still publish your post. You never know who is reading and they could give you suggestions in new reads or the ones you are subscribe to reads your post and might write more.

      Thank you for your comment. Happy posting!


  2. You can read posts from blogs you haven’t yet subscribed to by searching by topic, eg “film”. WordPress refers to this as tags. Hence, it allows you to find new blogs to subscribe to based on your interests. Happy reading!

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