Completed Two Goals!

First weekday of the New Year! Well I am so happy about that for any reasons.

For one hubby gets to sleep in more with me before going to work! We can actually have breakfast together!

Having had a bitter sweet holidays I am trying to keep my head up and look at the positives..

I was very productive today even though I didn’t finish all of my chores. I am proud though because today was the first day since we have been living on our own again that I prayed my fraj (morning) prayer. I had tried before but I never seemed to get the motivation.

Today though I did it! I’m doing the happy dance! Slowly I know that I will keep adding more prayers until I am able to do all 5.

I am also proud of myself because I told myself that if I had a break somewhere I would write a post through out the day. Doesn’t matter what topic but I need to make sure that I am writing something.

Now at 6:19pm in the car waiting for hubby to get off so we can drive home I finally got that break!!

Yes I suppose this is just a random type post for me but hey you have to have at least one right?

Until Next Time,

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