A Society of Negative Events

Being disconnected from the world can be a blessing in disguise in our home. We don’t deal with the tragic news of what is going on around us. Of course there is the drawback of actually not knowing if it will effect us or not.

So what we do to make sure that we are still in the loop is… Hubby watches the cable tv that is provided at his work. I hunt for news around the internet and the Roku has an app. I go there at least once every two weeks to see if there are huge events that we need to know about.

A while back having a discussion with someone, they informed me that I have a lack of what life is. I live in my own little world and I have disconnected from reality…

Now, in a way yes I could take that as an insult but I didn’t. First everyone is entitled to their opinion. Growing up where I did, the career that I had showed me a lot of ugly in the world. I don’t have to go to a television to see people killing each other, or to see racism. I don’t need the news to tell me how we are in an economical strain as a nation.

If you closely pay attention to what is happening locally, when you go out and see stores going out of business where they used to flourish with customers you can tell. Even buying the groceries you know there is a strain since almost all food produce has gone up in price. Not to mention that most stores have taken away some “rewards” program for their customers because it is not cost effective.

I might be in my own little world but I disagree on being disconnected with reality. I choose to not live in a place where I am constantly seeing negative events take place locally, nationally, and globally.

Does this make me into a bad human being, or uncaring then that is other peoples opinion. I truly believe that society has taken reality and twisted it into a fantasy world for most. Unfortunately most people instead of questioning the programs they watch regatrdless if they are news, talk shows, etc. We are becoming complacent.

Watching these negative events everyday on a television has made us not care about helping one another when we see it personally.

Our society depends so much on these news, talk show, internet to give us the “hot topic” that we forget to stop, close our eyes and enjoy ourselves.

Why don’t we stop and start enjoying our lives, start surrounding ourselves with positive inputs that when we see something negative we react as we should. With sympathy, empathy, wanting to help and lastly outrage that anyone can do some monstrousness things to other human beings.

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