Non-Muslim man Understanding Islam

Here is a link that I thought was beautiful. here us a man that with a bit of research was able to grasp the essence of what Islam is.

This is what I pray Muslims and Non-Muslims should try to learn. True acceptance, patience and Respect for someone else.

Hopefully you all enjoy this video as I did.

To the people that lost their lives in Paris and other parts of the world because of Terrorist and extremist we have you in out dua’s.

May Allah (SWT) punish the ones that are trying to hold the world hostage . May Allah (SWT) guide us to his path of true brotherhood for each other. May Allah (SWT) guide us to a better path for unity. AMEEN

Until Next Time,

5 thoughts on “Non-Muslim man Understanding Islam

  1. Vecina, it must be very challenging to be a follower of Islam when there are so many people pointing their fingers as if EVERY Muslim is a terrorist. Cuidate mucho *abrazos*

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    1. Gracias, for the words and hugs.
      It is challeging but having a support system and an amazing husband helps me to not see all of yhe negative as much.

      There are great people out there we just have to look a but harder.. 😉

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