Dr. King, have we forgotten already?

Well I totally forgot and I feel bad. Today is Dr. Martin Luther King day. A day of remembrance of a great man that started as a whispered and gain into a momentum in our history.

A man that with peace hoped to achieve freedom for ALL minorities. A man that had dreams that one day we all became “equal based on our characters and not by the color of our skins”..

A beautiful speech with a message that in time I think MANY have forgotten. Today I forgot, regardless that I am not working or going to school. I should have remembered. I should have told my nephew about a great man.

Because of this man my sister and her husband are able to have their little family. Because of this man I am able to marry my Pakistani sexy mother watch my mouth man.

This man created a revolution that millions benefited and instead of us remembering him we go about our days like any other.

We go to the MLK 50% sale going. We use this day off from work and school to socialize, drink and act like we have no common sense. An extra day off of work.. One more day to recover from that weekend hangover..

I’m sorry Dr. King that we have lost your message, that we have become ungrateful if the hard work you and your followers did in order for us minorities to have the right to vote, the right to marry outside our race, the right to go into any public place without fear of prosecution.

So here is my remembrance, here is my voice late in the day but with gratefulness to man that sacrificed so much for me and future generations. I hope that if you haven’t remember with this humble post you do.

Dr. King, peace and blessing and a very grateful Thank you

Until Next Time,

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