When do you finally say No more. When do you say I won’t take this anymore?

Those are questions that could be answered easily when it’s a situation regarding a stranger, work, relatives and some friends.

What about if it’s immediate family.. A mother, father or siblings. How easy is it to answer those questions. How much easier is it to follow through and separate yourself from them.

It’s hard, it’s almost impossible. You always make an excuse for them as to why they act the way they do. You make reasons as to why you still keep them in your life.

It’s hard to balance a life of happiness with a life that causes pain. It’s harder when it’s close family..

Even when you have the guts to talk to them, tell them how you feel, all they say is “grow up”, stop whining. They don’t see how much pain they cause. Instead they may make fun of you or treat you harder. They close ranks on you and make you feel like an outsider.

Slowly you start to grow up but not in the way they want you too. You start standing up to them, you start to pull away. They go and get more mad and say more things, they start to treat you as if your a burden.. They don’t notice it, they think they are being “nice” but instead they stick that knife deeper into you.

It’s hard to have a family like that, it’s hard to come to a conclusion on what to do.. In the end when you have thought about for months you realize you don’t have to talk to them as often, you don’t have to visit them.

You take charge, you hold them at arms length.. At least this pain is manageable it’s a pain that slowly goes away…

For those that go through this I’m sorry, I know of a person that goes through a similar scenario. Slowly that person is guiding themselves from their family. They seemed sad at first but after a couple of months it seems that they are becoming their usual happy self. My heart goes out to that person but I am happy that they are finally knowing happiness and getting away from negative people even if it is their own family.

Until Next Time,

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